Crochet Ketupat Amigurumi


  • Fingering Yarn
  • Size 3.0 mm hook
  • Fiberfill

This took me longer than desired. I never thought an amigurumi square would take me so long. It looked kinda straight forward! 😏

I ended up with two variations.

One that’s made with rows of single crochets, carrying and changing the colors along.

Ketupat is often depicted with two colors to illustrate the weaving of the palm/coconut leaves though there’s usually just one type of leaf used each time.

So this pattern portrays that but the flat surface makes it rather “lifeless”.
However, it’s super easy and quick to do, and still make a great decor.

Then, there’s this puffy one.

This is put together with many smaller squares – 30 of them. I wouldn’t say this is more difficult but probably took more steps. Making the squares individually and then sewing them together. I didn’t do a very good job on the sewing but I really liked how it turned out.

Click on pic. to get graph!

I used thread instead of yarn. When I first used yarn to connect, the lines were more embossed, and it looked more like waffles. And then, I tried to seam from the wrong (under) side, the lines got too dented from the right side. I wish I could explain better but TLDR; I tried my best. You may get a better result if you are good at sewing/stitching.

Here’s the tutorial for the puffy ketupat. Enjoy!

P.S. The puffy ketupat also make a good stress ball. I kept reaching out for it in the midst of video-editing. 😅