Crochet Mesh Bag


Have you ever seen something in retailers and think “I can make that”?

This is one of them. Yes, just one of them. With the recent increase in interest in weaved – macrame, crocheted, knitted – products, I’m starting to see a lot more in stores, especially fashion brands.

But nothing come too close to get me making almost immediately. I know I seem like I have all the time in the world but I simply have too many things I want to attempt to crochet! πŸ˜… And with the piling finished projects mountain, I have to ensure each piece is worth the space, and I can definitely see myself using this. 😍


  • Chain (CH) up to desired length for base. + 1
  • Single Crochet (SC) in 2nd CH from hook to the one before the last.
  • Make 3 SCs in the last CH, turn as you work, and continue on the other side of the foundation chain.
  • SC in each CH till the one before last.
  • 2 SCs in last stitch. Slip stitch to first SC.

You can repeat and increase in the corner stitches for a bigger base.


  • For the first round, *CH 5, skip 2 stitches, SC in the next*, repeat ** all around.
    For different density of mesh, adjust the chains made and stitches skipped. E.g. CH 7 and skip 3 stitches for bigger spaced mesh, and vice versa. As I prefer to SC in the CH instead of CH-spaces for future rounds, I’d also try to keep the CH in odd numbers.
  • After round ends, slip stitch to the centre of the CH-5, i.e. the 3rd CH, CH5 and SC in the 3rd CH of the next CH-5

Repeat for the rest of the bag to get desired height of bag.

For the top of the bag, I made 4 SCs in each CH-5 space.


I made the handles using the i-cord method:

Then, insert a drawstring pouch. Simple, isn’t it? 😊

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