Crochet Rectangle Base Backpack



BLOBack Loops Only
LSCLong Single Crochet
SCSingle Crochet
SSSlip Stitch
* A * × BRepeat “A” for a number of B times


14 stitches × 16 rows in 10 × 10cm – not very important here, just make any size you want!



Tip: Beginning chain determines the wideness of the base. Begin with a longer chain if you want a slimmer base and work lesser rounds.

1CH 12, SC in 2nd CH from hook, SC along, 5 SC in last stitch, turn as you work in that last stitch, SC along other side of CH, 4 SC in last stitch (same stitch as 1st SC). SS.28
2SC in each stitch till the 5-in-1.
SC, 3SC, SC, 3SC, SC.
SC in each st till last 4-in-1.
SC, 3SC, SC, 3SC. SS.
Each 3SC is the corner.
3SC in each st. 3SC in 2nd of each corner. Repeat till the end. SS.
Diameter: 9cm

Repeat Round 3 until you reached your desired size. I stopped at Round 12 with 116 stitches and my base measured at L28 × B20 cm.


You can use any stitches to build up the body of the bag. I used the Moss stitch i.e. alternating CH and SC. And I used LSC in place of the SCs.

The same stitches are used for the cover. After 20 rows of 33 stitches and narrowing down to 30, I ended the cover with a row of SCs to make it easier to fix the lock buckle.

For the straps, I used thermal SCs, and the result is a thicker and sturdier strap.


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