Crochet Bread Purse with Sunny Side Up


  • Fingering Yarn
  • Size 3.0 mm hook
  • Fiberfill
  • Zipper
  • Keychain
  • Flat based Eyes (optional)
  • Embroidery Thread (optional)
  • Blush (optional)


BLOBack Loops Only
DCDouble Crochet
HDCHalf Double Crochet
MRMagic Ring
SCSingle Crochet
SSSlip Stitch
* A * × BRepeat “A” for a number of B times
( X )Work all of “X” in ONE stitch


13 stitches × 14 rows of Single Crochets in 5cm


Bread (2)

1CH 31, SC in 2nd CH from hook. Turn.30
2~25CH 1, SC in each stitch. Turn.30
26CH 1, INC, 28 SC, INC. Turn.32
27CH 1, INC, 30 SC, INC. Turn.34
28CH 1, SC in each stitch. Turn.34
29CH 1, INC, 32 SC, INC. Turn.36
30~33CH 1, SC in each stitch. Turn.36
34CH 1, DEC, 32 SC, DEC. Turn.34
35CH 1, DEC, 30 SC, DEC. Turn.32
36CH 1, DEC, 28 SC, DEC.30

Bread Crust

1Attach to the last stitch of the Bread.
CH 1, SC around the bread to form a frame. SS to first stitch.
2In BLO, CH 1, SC around. SS to first stitch.132
3CH 1, SC around. SS to first stitch.132

Repeat R3 for wider purse.

Join the two pieces of bread together, leaving the top for the zipper.

I first sew dashes on the zipper and then crochet slip stitch into them.

I continued from the joining straight to attaching the zipper, so I don’t have to weave in more ends and reattach yarn.


Egg White

Work in continuous rounds.

16 SC in MR6
26 INC12
3*SC, INC* × 618
42 SC, 2 HDC, (3DC),  HDC, SC, HDC, (2HDC), HDC, 2 SC, 3 HDC, 3 DC. SS to first stitch.21

Egg Yolk

16 SC in MR6
2*SC, INC* × 39

Sew the yolk onto the center of the white. Stuff a little to make it pop.

Facial Feature

I used flat based eyes of 12mm diameter and attached with super glue about 10 stitches apart.
I sewed on a simple “V” for the smile with DMC thread in colour 300 and added some blusher under the eyes.