Crochet Baseball Cap

I have a love/hate thing with caps. They help to keep my hair in place especially on bad hair days but they often give me headaches, being too tight or too cooped. So I thought maybe making myself one would make sure that the size is right and material is breathable and comfortable.

I found this super detailed tutorial by Cabin Fever Crochet.

It’s more than an hour because it’s very detailed with lots of tips, on yarns, sizes and hooks etc.

My hair is currently at the awkward length around the shoulder. I’m still undecided if I wanna keep it short. I definitely see myself making at least one more of these caps, or two. 🀣

I do not have many cotton yarn on hand that goes with the hook sizes required, so I used a filling cotton yarn in stash and fortunately is enough for a cap. I actually made more rounds than the tutorial as the yarn tends to “spring” back into place even though I had loosen my tension.

I really want to attempt with different yarns and hook sizes. I may want to make one with the many fingering yarns I have with a smaller hook size. I also wonder if a 100% acrylic yarn cap would just be as comfortable? πŸ€”

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