Crochet Baby’s Breath


  • Fingering Yarn
  • Green Flower Wire


  • Size 2.0 mm hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • Glue


HDCHalf Double Crochet
MRMagic Ring
SCSingle Crochet
SSSlip Stitch
* A * × BRepeat “A” for a number of B times
( X )Work all of “X” in ONE stitch


5 Single Crochets in MR = 8 mm


Flower (4)

Begin each flower with a tail, three of 10~15 cm and one of 25~30 cm
You may opt to work in continuous rounds. I find it neater to end each round for the color change.

1With green, 5 SC in MR, SS5
2CH 1, SC in each stitch, SS5
3Switch to white, SC in each stitch5
4*SS, CH 1, HDC, SC* × 5, SS5 Petals

Fasten off & weave in white. Weave green tail end through centre of flower bud.



  • Cut wire in lengths of three of 3 cm and one of 10 cm (or longer, this will be the stalk)
  • We will be working along the “stalk”, attach a flower with short tail to this
  • Dab the end of wire with glue and insert into the MR of the bud and repeat for the other flowers
  • Wrap the yarn tail around the wire for a few rounds

Put together

  • Attach flowers with the short tail to the main stalk first
  • Apply glue and wrap in the tail as we go
  • Finish with the flower with the long tail and wrap till the end
  • Snip off the end after glue dries for a neat finish

And we are done!

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