Crochet Rose with 9 Petals



  • Size 3.5 / 4.0 mm hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • Glue


DCDouble Crochet
HDCHalf Double Crochet
MRMagic Ring
SCSingle Crochet
SSSlip Stitch
TRTriple Crochet
* A * × BRepeat “A” for a number of B times
( X )Work all of “X” in ONE stitch


Not important here, just make any size you want!



1CH 29, (DC, CH 2, DC) in 4th CH from hook,
*CH 2, skip 2, (DC, CH 2, DC)* × 8, DC in last CH
9 V
2CH 3, turn. (2DC, CH 2, 2DC) in first V
*CH 2, skip CH-2 space, (2DC, CH 2, 2DC) in V* × 8, DC in top of beginning CH
9 V
3Turn. 9 DC in first V
*(SS, CH 1, SS) in CH-2 space, 9 DC in V* × 8, SS in top of beginning CH
9 petals

Leave tail for securing.

Roll the petals to form the rose.

Tip: Roll with the Right side of R3 facing you for a budding flower. Roll with the wrong side facing for a bloomed flower

Sepal (Calyx)

1Begin with 12 DC in MR12
22 DC in each stitch24
3*(SS, CH 6, from 2nd CH from hook: SS, SC, HDC, 2 DC, skip 2, SS),
(skip 2, 5 DC), skip 2* × 3, SS to first stitch
3 sepals


  • CH 12
  • From 2nd CH from hook: SS, SC, HDC, 2 DC, 2 TR, 2 DC, HDC, SC
  • Work on the other side of CH : SC, HDC, 2 DC, 2 TR, 2 DC, HDC, SC, SS


  • Attach flower onto sepal with green yarn first, leave a long tail
  • Then go through with wire, and twist to secure
  • Wrap twisted wire with yarn, apply glue as you wrap
  • Snip off the end after glue dries for a neat finish

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