Crochet Wristlet



  • Size 4.0 mm hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors


BLOBack Loops Only
bpDCBack Post Double Crochet
DCDouble Crochet
FLOFront Loops Only
fpDCFront Post Double Crochet
MRMagic Ring
SCSingle Crochet
SSSlip Stitch
*A* × BRepeat “A” for a number of B times
( X )Work all of “X” in ONE stitch


Not important



Turn after each round

17 DC in MR7
27 INC14
3*DC, INC* × 721
4DC, fpDC, 4 DC, (DC, fpDC, DC),
3 DC, (DC, fpDC, DC), 3 DC,
(DC, fpDC, DC), 4 DC, fpDC, DC
5DC, bpDC, 5 DC, (DC, bpDC, DC),
5 DC, (DC, bpDC, DC), 5 DC,
(DC, bpDC, DC), 5 DC, bpDC, DC

Repeat R4~5 to desired width.

The repetitive pattern is to fpDC/bpDC in each post stitch, and to add a DC before AND after the 3 middle post stitches, i.e. the group stitches. The stitches should increase in 6/round.

The work will not lay flat due to the disproportionate increases. This creates a slouchy pouch which can contain more than it appears to.

After you are satisfied with the width, you may either

  1. Create an edge along the diameter (the straight side) OR
  2. Work up the gusset for the depth

As I ended on a round with the post stitches facing me, I want to continue with the edge so the right side of the stitches are on the same side.


Turn the corner and SC the diameter of the half-circle (side of the rounds)
Work 3 SC for every 2 rows and 1 SC for the ring.

3 SC every 2 rows

Mine has a total of 12 rounds hence 12×3=36+1=37 stitches.
You don’t have to be super accurate with this but it helps to ensure the same number of stitches on the 2nd piece.

Continue back to the main rounds


Turn after each round

  • SC BLO in each stitch
  • SC FLO in each stitch

Repeat until desired depth

The alternating BLO & FLO creates ridges for an additional aesthetic. It’s absolutely fine with just normal SC.

Make another piece.
Attach zipper and then join the 2 pieces together.


  • CH 2
  • SC in 1st CH
  • Turn, SC in turning CH of SC just created (I know this sounds super confusing, refer to the video if you are)

Repeat last step till desired length

Attach to a D-ring, and then secure the D-ring onto the pouch.

And we are done!

This project is one of #ReplaceMyLuxuryBags

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