Open Shell Stitch

The open shell stitch has a less cluttered look than other shell stitches; great for overlays.


DCDouble Crochet
SCSingle Crochet
YOYarn Over
*A* × BRepeat “A” for a number of B times
( X )Work all of “X” in ONE stitch
{ }Notes
  • Turn after each row.
  • May work standing DC in place of beginning CH 3


  • CH 7 (+5)


  • DC in 5th CH from hook {stands for (DC, CH 1, DC)}
  • Repeat *CH 4, Skip 6, (DC, CH 3, DC) in next*
  • For the last set, CH 4, (DC, CH 1, DC) in last stitch

Pattern repeat


  • CH 3, 3 DC in CH-1 space, SC in CH-4 space
  • Repeat *7 DC in CH-3 space, SC in CH-4 space*
  • 3 DC in last CH-1 space, DC in last stitch


  • CH 4 {stands for DC + CH 1}, DC in 1st stitch
  • Repeat *CH 4, (DC, CH 3, DC) in 4th of 7-DC set*
  • (DC, CH 1, DC) in last stitch

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