Ripple Stitch

A fancy stitch that consists of “peaks” & “valleys” created by increases and decreases to produce a ripple effect.


DCDouble Crochet
DC2TogDouble Crochet Two Together {Decrease}
ex-HDCExtended Half Double Crochet
HDCHalf Double Crochet
SDCStanding Double Crochet
SCSingle Crochet
SSSlip Stitch
*A* × BRepeat “A” for a number of B times
( X )Work all of “X” in ONE stitch
{ }Notes
  • Turn after each row.
  • Main portion is illustrated in DC here, hence increases and decreases are all done in DC. This portion may be done in other stitches; HDC etc.


  • CH 12 (+3)


  • DC in 4th CH from hook
  • Repeat *3 DC, 2 DC2Tog, 3 DC, 2 INC*
  • End with first INC of last set

Pattern repeat


  • SDC, DC in same stitch
  • Repeat: *3 DC, 2 DC2Tog, 3 DC, 2 INC*
  • End with first INC of last set

Straightening the edges

Top [after the last row]
  • Repeat *SS, SC, 2 HDC, ex-HDC, 2 DC, ex-HDC, 2 HDC, SC, SS*
Bottom [other side of first row]
  • Repeat *DC, ex-HDC, HDC, 2 SC, 2 SS, 2 SC, HDC, ex-HDC, DC*

Depending on your tension and the curve of your ripple, the stitches you require to straighten may differ. In all scenarios, follow the principle of making the tallest stitches in the valleys and gradually shorter ones as you move up to the peak, and vice versa while working down the valley.


  • The rippling effect can be adjusted by amending the stitches between the peaks & valleys.
    Adjust the startup chain accordingly

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