Crochet Baseball Cap

I have a love/hate thing with caps. They help to keep my hair in place especially on bad hair days but they often give me headaches, being too tight or too cooped. So I thought maybe making myself one would make sure that the size is right and material is breathable and comfortable.

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Crochet Among Us Ghost Amigurumi


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Crochet Among Us Dead Body Amigurumi


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Crochet Key Cover


  • Fingering Yarn
  • Size 3.0 mm hook
  • Key Ring
  • Flat based Eyes (optional)
  • Embroidery Thread (optional)
  • Blush (optional)
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Crochet Rectangle Base Backpack


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Crochet Preemie Claris Beanie


  • 16-ply Milk Yarn
  • Size 6.0 mm hook
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Crochet ANY Hat

I have recently ventured into the depths of hat making. While I am familiar with crocheting in circles, from amigurumis to bags, I do not exactly needed them to be sized perfectly. And I had always have a nice pattern to follow or just used the simple working in the rounds rules for hats. So when the hat I recently made didn’t fit the intended recipient, I was a bit disappointed. Even though the measurements seems right on paper, it just didn’t fit!

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