Crochet Pink Bean Amigurumi


  • Cotton Fingering Yarn
  • Size 2.5 mm hook
  • Fiberfill

I’d been playing Maplestory M for a year now! The time and effort spent doing my “favourite” thing~ 😆

They have some huge balloon displays at JCube the previous week and then Bugis Junction this week to celebrate the game’s anniversary.

The balloons inspired this amigurumi actually, having seen the cute mob popped out of the screen and so “alive” and “touchable”. I’d die if there was a Pink Bean mascot… LOL

I couldn’t find any patterns around and so decided to make it as I go.

I should have just do it blob style instead of trying to perfect its bean shape. #virgowoes 😅

I’m going to attempt again when I have more time. And perhaps by then, I’ll be able to share the pattern.

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