Crochet Snowman Coaster




BLOBack Loops Only
DCDouble Crochet
FLOFront Loops Only
HDCHalf Double Crochet
MRMagic Ring
SCSingle Crochet
SSSlip Stitch
*A* × BRepeat “A” for a number of B times
( X )Work all of “X” in ONE stitch


5 increment rounds of DC = 10 cm
Pattern: Body



i.e. the coaster. You may work all rounds on the right side or alternate by turning every other round to create different textures.

1Begin with 12 DC in MR12
212 INC24
3*DC, INC* × 1236
4*INC, 2 DC* × 1248
5*3 DC, INC* × 1260

Mine is 10 cm across. Increase or reduce rounds to better fit your cuppa~

Hat + Head

1In Black, CH 12, SS to form ring.
SC in each stitch, SS to first stitch
2~3CH 1, SC in each stitch, SS to first stitch12
4In FLO, *SC, INC* × 3
SS in next stitch
5CH 1, turn. Skipping the SS, *2 SC, INC* × 3
SS to stitch below, cut yarn & weave in end
6Switch to white.
Working in the BLO of R4, *SC, INC* × 6
7*2 SC, INC* × 624
8~10SC in each stitch24
11*DEC, 2 SC* × 618
12*SC, DEC* × 612

You may choose to stuff it and then proceed to DEC and close the head.
For mine, I folded and weaved through the next 5 stitches (leaving a stitch at each end) before attaching on the body.

Hat for 3D head

1Begin with 6 SC in MR6
26 INC12
3In BLO, SC in each stitch12
4~5SC in each stitch12
6In FLO, *SC, INC* × 618
7*INC, 2 SC* × 624

Stick Arms (2)

  • CH 7
  • SS in 2nd from hook, and the next
  • CH 4, SS in 2nd from hook, and next 2
  • CH 3, SS in 2nd from hook, and next
  • SS in last 4 CH

I attach each arm about 4 stitches away from the head, and then the feet 12 stitches away from the arms.


  • CH 4, SS in 2nd from hook, SC in next, HDC in last

Leave tail and attach onto face.

And you are done~
Video Tutorial

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